Our Story

Surface Solutions is a family owned and operated Maui based company that insists on using the most innovative, lab tested, & field proven solutions for all types of hard surfaces. We have been working in Hawaii for over 20 years and have seen & experienced firsthand the quick degradation of stone, concrete, tile, glass & many other building materials when cleaned & maintained improperly or left unprotected or under protected. We have seen many products on the market come and go, make claims to be long lasting, provide easier maintenance, and have not held up, or have not even worked at all here in Hawaii. We are dedicated to using the best cleaners and cleaning processes for your substrate. Many people don't realize that when the wrong cleaners are used along with improper cleaning techniques, you can actually accelerate the aging process. One of our main goals is education. We feel that our customers or potential customers need to be informed about proper restoration and maintenance programs, along with how sealers work, their differences, how long they will perform, and what end results should be expected from a chosen product. Without such knowledge, it is impossible to make a wise, informed decision about who they will use, and what they will use, to complete their project.

It is also our determination to set up proper maintenance programs and even work with your maintenance personnel to prevent costly future restoration projects. When your surfaces are maintained properly, they should always look new and beautiful.